Phoenix is our cloud based, enterprise mobile service delivery platform. It provides seamless integration between our custom products and your business processes, content and information. It enables you to rapidly develop, securely deploy and scale content and services across multiple devices and platforms.

Why use Phoenix?

More and more companies are unlocking the power of personal media and the results can’t be ignored. Personal media is proving to be the biggest disruptive technology enabling transformative change since the Internet. It is now a strategic imperative for companies to embrace and maximise the opportunity that personal media presents. Tigerspike’s Phoenix platform is trusted by the worlds largest companies as a catalyst to unlocking that opportunity. Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on transformational change. We provide a set of tools and methodologies to do it more effectively at a fraction of that cost.

Using Phoenix

Phoenix is a hosted solution which, when coupled with Tigerspike's world renowned design & user experience skills, produces mobile applications that are unmatched. The platform also automates many processes, saving time and effort.

Powered by Tigerspike's Innovation Lab's patented technologies, Phoenix is enterprise grade and is designed to evolve, reducing the risk of technology obsolescence.

Phoenix is a service oriented architecture based modular platform that Tigerspike's customers use, from logging in to view data visualisations, to controlling the publishing workflow and subscriptions to the world's biggest newspapers.

Licensing Phoenix

Tigerspike’s Phoenix Media module ensures consistency and scalability across devices, enabling C Spire to manage and control their content and information across multiple mobile and online platforms.

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph:

Our Phoenix platform’s Syndication module ingests content directly from The Telegraph’s CMS allowing the app to dynamically update, while its Entitlements module allows readers to buy a subscription in-app on one device and login on any other device.

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C Spire

C Spire:

Tigerspike’s Phoenix Media Platform ensures consistency and scalability across devices, enabling C Spire to offer up-and-coming musicians the ability to share their music through various mobile and digital channels.

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