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Enterprise Video App

Built using Tigerspike's award-winning Phoenix platform, EVA makes your communications personal again, resulting in more efficient teams, happier employees, and more productive people.

Enterprise Video App

Misunderstood messages

How often have you needlessly argued over email? Email does not convey tone or emotion, and as a result many hours of productivity are lost due to misunderstandings.

People out of the office

Increasingly people are working outside of the traditional office environment. This leads to emails being quickly glossed over on mobile phones while in transit. Important information is misinterpreted or quickly forgotten.

Globalization and time-zones

Talking face-to-face with teams in various time-zones requires planning, so is often left by the wayside in favor of email. This loses the personal touch and understanding that is so vital for effective teamwork.

Good ideas are lost

As companies grow, communication through the layers of the organization becomes increasingly difficult, and some of the best and most creative ideas never rise to the surface. Likewise, top-down communication gets lost in the daily noise of full in-boxes and voicemails.


Enterprise Video App

Research shows that one of the biggest challenges for managers is disseminating important information to large, disparate teams in a concise and effective manner. Conversely, one of the biggest motivators of staff is being able to express their ideas through the management chain and have them heard and appreciated.

EVA helps overcome these challenges.

How it works

  1. Use your mobile device to record a short video message. One click will then push the video message to your team. Into their EVA applications not their cluttered email in-boxes
  2. Team members receive your message and can review at their convenience. Video conveys the message clearly and with emotion
  3. One touch video replies are recorded by your team and sent back to your EVA Application. A concise response that can be viewed at a time convenient to you
  4. Logging into the Phoenix dashboard lets you see who has and hasn’t seen your message and responded. You can now identify your top idea generators!
  5. With the location module activated you can also see where your people are when they received your message, and so you know when your message has reached the far corners of your global company.
  6. Simple - effective - engaging

Product evolution

The future of EVA includes integration with Tigerspike’s patented video compression and encryption technologies. That means strongly encrypted high quality video over slow or fluctuating networks. This will be a game changer for many companies; bringing video communications to previously un-reachable places.

How can I try it?

The real value in EVA becomes evident when deployed in a company-wide setting, but you can try it out before committing with a smaller team. Call your local Tigerspike office to set up a demo account.


  • Send unlimited messages to one team with up to 10 members - FREE
  • Send unlimited messages to many teams with up to 100 members - US$1 per team leader per month
  • Contact Tigerspike to add enterprise security and analytics.

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EVA - improving company communications

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