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FUSE lets you access all the news relevant to your job in one place, from industry-related news stories to company-produced feeds, to critical company training and compliance updates.


The problem

How often have you spent over half the day achieving nothing but reading and answering emails? You are not alone; information overload has become the norm. Our in-boxes are inundated with messages ranging from important compliance tasks and important information requests to meaningless and unimportant messages; essentially corporate spam! All the relevant information that we need to know to do our jobs effectively is lost in the mess, and filtering though this mess to find the important messages makes doing your job harder, and as a result you are less productive and less happy at work.

The solution

Fuse makes your work life happier and more productive by collating and curating all the information relevant to your job in one easy-to-access place. Effectivly taking the important news, company announcements and information out of your inbox and directly onto your mobile device. Outstanding compliance tasks are followed up automatically. Company sensitive announcements can be made securely without any accidental email forwarding outside the company. Searching FUSE for information on a given topic brings internal knowledge management to life, and new joiners can quickly find all the company relevant information and news, all in one place.



How it works

  1. Use Phoenix to configure FUSE to create and prioritise public feeds that are relevant to your company.
  2. Company-specific feeds can be easily created, for example compliance updates or CEO motivational messages.
  3. Feeds can also be curated from a list of industry relevant and publicly available sources, so that all your employees are fully aligned with the same news and information concerning their specific industry or market sector.
  4. In addition to company produced and curated feeds, employees can also select or even create their own feeds. This is done quickly and easily using email. No need to log in and forget passwords for another new system.
  5. As an administrator you can log into the Phoenix dashboard and see which employees have been reading what information, where they were when they read the articles and how long they spent within the application. This provides valuable insight into employee engagement, and a huge time saver for your HR department in terms of keeping track of mandatory training and compliance updates.


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